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Important things to know when deciding on hiring a Live Band or DJ for your Wedding Reception

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Important things to know when deciding on hiring a Live Band or DJ for your Wedding Reception

What’s the best form of entertainment for your wedding reception, a Disc Jockey or a live band?  Hands down it is going to be a live band! A live band lets your guests know this is a true special ocasion worthy of a live performance. A live band has far more energy and entertainment value than only having a Disk Jockey because the band members are putting on a show as well as performing live and the live get-up-and-go of the band often gets people dancing far more than a Deejay. Sadly, its not the joyful union of you and your fiance that your guests remember most but the entertainment of the reception. You will hear many more congratulates on the band you hired than you will compliments on what a splendid ceremony it was, and you will rarely hear compliments on what an unbelievable Disk Jockey that guy was. Entertainment is instrumental to a fabulous party.

Some proponents of DJs will say that live music has a small song list but this is a fallacy as most pro live bands have over 16 hours or more of music and can easily pick and choose the best songs based on crowd response to assure that the dance floor stays packed and the energy never fails. Also, bands act as a Disk Jockey on band breaks and this is a great time to have them play some of your favored tunes that might not be in their set list. Also, during breaks should be when you do all your wedding activities such as bouquet and garter toss, cutting the cake , and best man toasts. This keeps the party rolling while the band rests in between sets and the remainder of time left on break can be filled with the band DJing your favorite dance tunes. You can also have the best of both worlds with a live band DJing tunes on their breaks by having the band Disk Jockey special types of music for relations of particular ethnic groups that may be at the party such as Jewish, Latin, Greek, or whatever style of music your special ethnicity of guest chooses.


Live bands vary in how pro they are as much as they vary in styles that they play. Make sure you take a look at the band’s song list to see if it is ample and it should have a good assortment of music from all eras. A band that has been around for a long time will know which tunes work best at getting people on the dance floor in the wide-ranging age groups at wedding receptions and will know which tunes are loved across all age groups. An instance would be Lady Marmalade by Patti Labelle which is just as effective at getting teenagers out shaking it as it is getting 50 year olds on the dance floor. A good live performance will have all this information ahead of time and will wield it like the hand of Thor in keeping your reception hopping through the entire night. Also, most pro wedding bands will have a band leader that acts as Master of Ceremonies announcing the bride and groom, the wedding party, cutting of the cake and bouquet and garter toss. Check to make sure that the band has an emcee that will do this for you.

There is only one drawback of a great live band. The cream of the crop of variety bands will invariably be more high-priced than one man spinning tunes. Great variety bands can be anywhere from 00 to ,000 for the best variety bands and DJs can be anywhere from 0 to 00. Most of the time, you usually get what you pay for. More expensive bands get a much higher price because of the fabulous live show they put on. They normally sound a lot better and have much more wow factor than more low-cost bands.

To sum up, a fabulous variety band will give you a much more successful reception than a Deejay by an amazing live performance and can also act as a DJ playing specific obscure tunes you may want that are not on the bands song list. The band leader will know the best songs to play and what time during the night to play them and can also act as Master of Ceremonies. If youve got the funds, the obvious selection here is a live band for your wedding reception.


Ron Ronhaar is the owner and leader of the “The Grooves” which is one of the famed Austin bands well known for their ability to get keep the dance floor packed all night with hit favorites from all eras. He has performed with several Austin cover bands for a living in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and across Texas for weddings, corporate parties, society parties and fund raisers since 1991. To see his band in action, visit the band’s live video here: Austin Texas bands


Leather Watch Band Care

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Leather Watch Band Care

Besides steel band, leather band is watch band’s another main branch. It not only seems like elegant and fashional, but also can make you feel warm and comfortable in the cold winter when you wearing it. But still, there is a big problem for many watch fans —the maintenance of leather band is so difficult. Well, as the following part of my last post Watch Care Procedures -Steel Band Care, today I will go on telling you some tips for how to maintain leather band to help prolong your leather bands’ service life, after all, costs hundreds of dollars, leather band never comes cheap.


Fine making, elegant style, leather band has been always popular with lots of watch fans. As to appearance’s pretty, in addition to watch itself must looks good, matching a proper band would be adding flowers to brocade, makes you appear to be more temperamental. But nothing exists without disadvantages, the peculiar smell leather band gives out is the biggest problem for watch owners. When leather band begin giving out strange smell, use a toothbrush soak  in soapsuds, brush the dirty part quickly, then use a piece of wet cloth clean it up. In order to avoid soapsuds permeating into leather, the whole brushing process proferably kept in 20 seconds. In addition, you also can coat a little leather oil on leather band after brushing, because leather oil has protective effect on leather, can make the whole maintenance more completed.



After wore a long time, in addition to giving out peculiar smell, leather band will get another common symptoms —hardening. Often used in damp environment will accelerates leather band’s hardening rate. Sweat can also erode the leather, makes band out of shape, hardening or even broken, causing band lost or dropped accidently. So besides the daily maintenance, it’s necessary to avoid twisting leather band when it’s getting hardening, and also, change the band in proper time is essential, too. Spend little money in exchange for beautiful and pleasant appearance, and also can help you avoid those unnecessary losses, kill two birds with one stone, why not?

1. Leather band’s most attractive feature is its soft and comfortable texture, well, the problem along with it —not easy to maintain is also very serious. My suggestion is, only in winter it’s suitable to wear the leather band all day long, in summer or after exercise, people easy to sweating, in this condition, if there is no need, you’d better not to wear leather band. If you really like leather band and want to wear it anyway, do remember wear it after wipe your sweat, because only do this can extend the service life of your leather band.

2. Leather band can be made from lots of material, such as crocodile, lizard skin, ostrich, shark skin and calfskin, etc., regardless of what kind of materials it’s made from, long time wearing will makes it give out peculiar smell, keep the band in dry condition and clean it regularly is the one and only way. If leather band getting wet, you should wipe the water away and day it immediately, if gets dust or dirt on it, use a piece of cloth clean it as soon as possible(if cloth is wet, after cleaning, you should dry band also). Moreover, there is one thing more you should pay attention to, that is, after long time contact with sunshine, leather band will deteriorate, so, watch out.

3. Do not wear a leather band watch all the time, the ideal condition is getting two watches change regularly. Leather needs breath, ventilated environment can prolong its service life. Prepare more than one leather band not only can reduce the risk of man-made destroy, but also can give enough time to leather band to have rest. Furthermore, leather band watch’s wearing itself is a process of continuous pull and push, so if you do not use it every day, it will naturally accompany with you for longer time.

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