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Why Music Bands Should Promote Themselves Online

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Why Music Bands Should Promote Themselves Online

Music, as they say, is one thing that brings and binds humans together. The essence and depths of each music genre appeals and excites many different people all around. Music, as a passion, drives many young-blooded blokes crazy. Youngsters often tend to form music bands out of this passion and craze. Although, there are millions who pull their skins out playing in Music bands, only a lucky few make it big and get what they deserve.

Music, like Internet, knows no language, no culture, no race, no religion and no country. People tend to listen and enjoy, anything and everything that they can connect with. Such is the reach of this pure form of art which is growing day after day in this Internet-savvy globe.
In spite of an existence of such an open market for Music, some seriously talented bands often fail to pull out crowds. The prime reason of their failure can be concluded as their failure to hit the right market.

This is where, the boon of Internet plays a part. The reach and craze of Internet is as wild as it gets. People all over the world access and surf various different sites.

Musicians should use this extremely powerful medium to promote and spread their music. Uploading their original compositions on the Internet can give them an unreal market existence. The use of various social networking sites to promote music and get proper feedback can be the cheapest option to spread their music for such bands. People never turn a deaf ear to good quality music and with the reach of the Internet, a good music band is certain to win fans.

Bands should also use more unconventional ways to reach their audiences. The step of putting up links to their original songs as posts or comments, on the sites of world-famous bands of similar genre should be taken by the local bands.

Also, making funny videos with the bands music playing behind and then uploading it on YouTube is a good and promising option.

But the most important thing for a band is to remain loyal and faithful to their fans. Uploading songs with electronic and programmed beats which they themselves cannot play on-stage is the easiest way to lose fans. If you honestly love and enjoy your music, people are certain to appreciate it.

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Live bands help boost music industry sales

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Live bands help boost music industry sales

Falling sales in the music industry has been given a boost thanks to live bands playing at music festivals and other events.

According to the latest figures, falling revenue over the past five years may be turning around after a string of summer festivals such as Glastonbury.
Live bands in all music genres including soul bands have helped the overall UK sales rise by 4.7% to £3.9bn.

And according to figures released by the Adding Up the UK Music Industry for 2009 report, revenue at festivals such as Leeds, Reading and of course Glastonbury have continued to rise year-on-year and is up 9.4% to £1.54bn.

Although these figures are encouraging, there is also evidence to suggest that smaller music venues such as bars and clubs continue to struggle, with up to 49 pubs closing every week according to the Publican newspaper.

Will Page, chief economist at PRS for Music admits that although it is more difficult for live bands to compete with digital downloads, there is still a market out there.
Speaking to the Guardian he said: “The live party is not over, but it is starting to cool down.

“The good news is that the live sector is already innovating in ways that are as impressive as the digital sector.”

With the prospect of more cuts in the Government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport over the next year, Mr Page is quick to say that the music industry will have a major part to play in the recovery due to its appeal in drawing in tourists from abroad.

This opinion is also shared by Feargal Sharkey, chief executive for UK Music who has pledged to fight any potential cuts in the sector.

Also speaking to the Guardian, he said: “We will do everything we can to ensure that these cuts have the minimum impact on the beautiful thing that is music.”

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