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Wedding Band Newcastle

Wedding Band Newcastle


Music plays an important part at a wedding and when it comes to picking the band that will perform on the evening the wedding you`ll want a versatile group of performers that can entertain a wide age range of people. Brides who are getting married in the north east of England don`t have far to look when they need to find a wedding function band who can provide this facility. A local group can provide wedding music in Newcastle and the North east and they will travel to wedding venues in all parts of this area. Three sets are performed by the wedding band and each one of the separate sets lasts for 45 minutes. What happens in-between the sets you might be wondering? The wedding function band provides a free disco so there is no break in the music. A variety of Wedding Music Newcastle is performed by the band from the 1950s right though to the present day. Grannies and teenagers can dance side by side on the dance floor and get fully into the swing of things. The proceedings can be started with the first dance of the night performed by the bride and groom. They`ll provide the band that performs the Wedding Music Newcastle  with a special song that has significant meaning to both of them. What could be more wonderful as you take your first dance together as husband and wife than to have a live band playing your favourite song? Whether it’s “Love Is All Around` or “Unchained Melody` the music will sound magical as it is performed live in front of your guests. Wedding bands seem to add to the sense of the occasion and they are certainly far more entertaining than having a solo DJ. Professional bands can be hired and they will perform 3 individual sets consisting of 45 minutes each. Brides and grooms looking to hire the services of a band will find a suitable group who caters for social functions from North Yorkshire to Tyne and Wear. This four-piece band has been entertaining guests at wedding celebrations for many years and the quality of their music is exceptional. The Dean Solomon Band knows how important it is to cater for guests of all ages at the wedding. A wide age range is often found at social gatherings of this nature and the music will need to reflect this fact. This is why they structure their sets so that the music range covers a number of decades. 

I met a friend last night who I had not seen for a long time and it was really great to catch up with her. As soon as we sat down she said she had a big announcement to make and told me that she was getting married this summer. I was absolutely thrilled for her and told her so. She told me that I was invited to the wedding and proceeded to tell me what she and her husband to be had planned for their big day. One of the most unusual things that she told me was that they were going to hire a Function Bands for the evening reception and I was totally intrigued as to what a Function Band was. As she explained, I told her that I thought her idea of a Function Bands was a really brilliant idea. In fact, the plans for the whole wedding seemed to be fantastic and I said that I was really looking forward to it. We had a really great evening together and, although the biggest topic of conversation was her impending wedding, we still managed to catch up on all sorts of gossip about mutual friends that we had not talked about together for a long time.


Charles F Barnes is a music consultant living in the north east of England. The Dean Solomon Band are a function band and they are a top 4 piece professional wedding band north east who provide music for weddings, functions, parties and all events in the North East, North Yorkshire and Co Durham.

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