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White Gold Bands

White Gold Bands

Engagement rings constantly continues to stay in trend and style. People can be very conscious about investing in engagement rings .At the moment instead of shopping for an engagement ring in yellow gold more and more couples are changing towards white gold. White gold has its own great beauty and charisma.

Platinum Engagement bands and wedding rings are very hard compared to some white Gold bands, there’s really no worry or concern that the silvery brightness will fade to yellow. Platinum can tend to look scuffed over time, however like Gold it can be returned to its original glow with a decent cleaning by using a jeweller.

In Nature, there isn’t any such thing as white gold, so to make your ring, they will take gold and combine it with other metals and coat it to make it “white.” After a while, the coating will rub away, this is why when you notice wear on the bottom of the band first, it receives the most wear).

If you take your ring to the jeweler, they’ll have it re dipped in Rhodium plating, this will polish away the scuff marks (as gold is a pretty soft metal, it is going to scratch no matter careful you are.

Platinum is close to white Gold and Silver in looks and can easily be mixed-up with the other two metals. Platinum possesses a higher density than Gold and after Rhodium the next most valuable precious metal on the earth. And making use of this material in making a wedding band is really an exceptional and expensive concept.

Now Titanium wedding bands naturally are grayish in color, a few shades darker than both platinum and white gold bands. the wedding bands can be created with a comfort fit design, this makes titanium wedding bands very easy to wear.

For the boys that might be concerned with ruining their wedding bands from every day wear and tear from working, titanium is considered the strongest natural metal. Even though it could get scratched as time passes, a titanium wedding ring won’t easily bend or dent like a normal gold band. This makes titanium an ideal choice for guys who work in heavy-duty job that requires heavy lifting, mechanical work or working in the manufacturing industry.

Black Titanium : an optional material which could have designs like the Celtic knots are an incredibly manly design, the “Black Titanium Celtic Wedding Band” is no different. The titanium band is simply just polished, while the black hourglass shaped infinity symbol knots its way around the ring.

Tungsten carbide wedding bands have the same or maybe superior features of customary metals used in wedding rings. The durability of tungsten carbide wedding bands is what is appealing to modern couples make a choice from rings fabricated from this material. even though it is exceptionally strong and lasts for a lifetime, the metal appears and shines brilliantly. It’s resistant to the normal wear and tear that wedding bands suffer from. When fifty years into your marriage, you can be certain that your carbide ring looks every bit as good as it did on the day you put it on your finger. There is no need to be concerned about hypersensitive reactions if you have sensitive skin because tungsten carbide is hypo allergenic, as with platinum.

Tungsten Carbide is known as a new form of material containing an inorganic chemical compound containing equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms.

So on the whole you’ve gotten all the information you will ever really need to make your correct preference of wedding bands, from the ever popular white gold band thru to the new not so well known Black Titanium and Tungsten carbide wedding bands.

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