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Edge Banding Machine

Edge Banding Machine

Edge banding is commonly used in home decorating. It is a veneer product comprised of strips of covering and sold in rolls. An extrusion manufacturing process allows edge banding to be made in different widths and thicknesses to match any project, whether it is solid, wood grain, metallic, or patterned. Therefore, rolls of edge banding are available in a variety of types and sizes.


Edge banding is commonly used with wood projects and intended to help the user change the style and look of the grain in the wood. A plywood table, for example, can be changed to look like maple walnut with the help of edge banding.


Edge banding is available in thin strips. It is easy to cut to shape in order to fit the project. When applying edge banding, it is best to cut it into larger pieces first. This way, it is easier to trim the edge banding down to fit if a placement mistake occurs.

A clean and smooth surface is required before applying edge banding. If dust and sand residue are on the surface, the edge banding may not stick to the surface properly.


The more an edge-bander costs the more the discussion of buying it used comes into play. In the case of high capacity banders, a new bander can cost six figures, which is enough to dampen on a person’s plans to take their woodworking operation to the next level. But purchasing the bander used can result in a 30 percent or more reduction of its original price. In addition, many sellers of used woodworking machinery offer attractive financing. For woodworkers that have only operated a small woodshop that contained low capacity woodworking machinery, the idea of buying used woodworking machines to start a new operation can seem contrary.

But it’s important to remember that industrial grade woodworking machinery is designed to last significantly longer than domestic grade and lower commercial grade machinery.


Buying tips

It’s not as easy as it might sound, and there are a few things that you should watch out for. The first and number one thing is to watch out for the Unbelievable Bargain. No such thing exists. If it’s unbelievable then there’s something wrong somewhere. Of course they are running some type of clearance. Now if you run across a bargain and it’s a well known brand you should snap up the tools immediately. These tools at bargain prices are rare, so get them when you can.


Also if you’re purchasing these tools for somebody who’s been at it for quite a hefty sum of time then the last thing that you’ll want to do will be to give them lower-ranking grade carpenter tools. Something which comes in a set might be good for the novice who is just starting and thus has no clear idea of what they need, but that unquestionably won’t do for the experienced carpenter. They need the good tools for several reasons and yes one might be for the ego.


But if you have trouble deciding which set of carpenter tools to get ask a friendly sales person for advice and more often than not you’ll leave the shop satisfied that you came forth with the real thing. You can also buy a gift card to their favorite tool store. You can certainly know the recipient of the gift will be happy for the first class gift you gave them.

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